Chairs and tables. Made at the Umlberg.

We are driven by the desire to produce special, unique furniture. That is why we work with selected designers to create stools, chairs and tables that are as visually appealing as they are comfortable and functional. Our products should harmoniously and subtly adapt to the surrounding architecture while helping to define the space with their independent character. We try to achieve this by taking into account the unique aspects of the natural materials and the traditional craftsmanship while sensitively adapting them to modern production methods and needs. The result is independent furniture that not only functions well but is also different than all others.

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Company Hussl is located in Tirol. At the Umlberg. Chairs and tables are manufactured here.

HUSSL was founded in 1976, now managed by the second generation, the focus of the company was to manufacture wooden seating and tables.

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MATERIAL A special feature: perseverance. Searching for the best solution. A solution which is breathtaking - like the mountains

From decades of experience with solid wood and our co-operation with select designers, we manufacture products, which are contemporary and sustainable for quality minded end users.

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