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Inspired by the ski industry – actually obvious for a company from the Alps.

Our technical solutions are at times unconventional. In search of new methods, we came across the manufacturing process for skis. A wooden core with outer tension layers give a ski elasticity and stability at the same time – a principle that seemed perfect for the construction of a hind leg.

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Following an intensive process with extensive research, many experiments and the occasional setback, we found a way to translate the basic principle of ski design into our needs and possibilities. A core made of ash or beech and aluminium-reinforced laminate as a tension layer resulted in a sturdy and at the same time elastic hind leg. This was back in 2006.

In 2018, we developed the technology further – replacing plastic and aluminium with an ecological wood pulp layer. The wood core and surfaces are birch. Through and through an ecological, sustainably produced wooden piece of furniture.

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