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That is unique for a wooden chair. The A-shaped legs and the striking grip slot give the Forum2S formally a special character. The swinging backrest offers enhanced seating comfort, while the grip slot makes for easy handling. For even more comfort, the Forum2S is also available with upholstery.

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Varnished in different colours or in a full wood look – thanks to the choice of surfaces, the chairs can be easily adapted to different environments.
The Forum2S is also available with row connectors. The fold-out linking unit is located on the underside of the seat and requires no further accessories.

Upholstery can accentuate the design. The shell cushion conceals the grip slot, through which the fabric is visible from behind. The seat cushion is attached.

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Frame solid timber, shell shaped plywood

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Frame solid timber, shell shaped plywood, seat and back upholstered

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Frame solid timber, shell shaped plywood, seat upholstered

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